Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Exist

I’m not sure who all reads this blog but did you know that Cherisa is married??  You might not think so based on how much I post on the blog but here I am in the flesh…well, digital flesh.  Do I make many blog posts? No.  Does that make me a bad person? Yes.  BUT in my defense, I AM on the computer like 10 hours a day…hmm, that sort of backfired.  So what am I doing with my life do you ask?  I have two semesters left of my MBA, I am the young men president in Heritage ward, and I am working full time at TransCanada Pipeline.  So that leaves me a total of 5 minutes per week of free time which I use to write blog posts of course. 

I just finished a block week class called “business negotiations” and it was one of those rare classes that you actually look forward to going to.  One day after class we went out for dinner and the hostess said the wait time was 25 minutes and I said “hmm, what do you think about a 20 minute wait??”.  I could tell she was quite confused as no normal person would try to negotiate a wait time but she nevertheless went and asked the manager.  She came back and said, sorry it’s 25 haha.  However, we DID get a table in under 20 min so maybe on a subconscious level it somehow helped. 

This summer Cherisa and I tackled a few home reno jobs that turned out pretty well I’d say.  We updated the bathroom with new paint, light fixture, backsplash, and towel rods.  We also replaced the kitchen backsplash, which temporarily turned our apartment into a warzone, but turned out great!  After I posted pictures of our renovations, HGTV called and asked if we wanted our own show but I just didn’t think it would fit into our schedule.

Earlier this summer we also went to Victoria for the first time.  I think I can sum up the trip in two words: EGGS BENEDICT.  We ate breakfast (twice, don’t judge) at the Blue Fox Café and couldn’t believe how good it was.  The other restaurants didn’t disappoint either.  After eating at the Pizzeria Prima Strada, Cherisa boldly declared “this is the best pizza I’ve ever had!”  And…how can I put this…we eat a LOT of pizza.  One of the nights we went to a food truck event downtown and then things really started getting ridiculous.  Let’s just say that I would have gained about 20 pounds if we didn’t go on a couple tough hikes.  One of the hikes was in Sooke National Park along the south coast and was absolutely beautiful.  We couldn’t believe how huge and amazing the trees looked, it felt like the Amazon rain forest!  Throw in a little sea kayaking, Butchart Gardens, and sight-seeing and you’ve got an amazing trip with a perfect balance of relaxation and activities.

That’s all I have for now, maybe we’ll talk again in another 4 years.

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